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Saba Island - The Caribbean


Saba Island is a lush green semi-undiscovered island there in the Caribbean Islands. This island is the smallest in the Netherlands Antilles, with an area of five square miles. Saba is commonly referred to as "The Rock" for its mountainous interior and it is considered the sister island to nearby St. Maarten.The major settlements here are “Hell’s Gate,” “Windwardside,” and the island’s capital called “The Bottom.” With a population of only 1500, makes it a great place to get away from it all. Saba is known for it's Scuba diving, snorkeling and hiking. Because this is a mountainous island, there are few beaches here. Saba is reached by airstrip from nearby St. Maarten. Since this island is a relativity new tourist destination, there are few hotels and resorts on the island.


Visitors here can expect to find a few activities to choose from including:

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling - Saba is one of the best dive locations in the Caribbean. Divers can expect to see various species of fish, corals, sponges, and sea turtles.
  • Hikers visiting the island can enjoy a hike to top of Mt Scenery, though the rain forest.

  • Bird Watching enthusiast can visit the bird sanctuary on nearby Green Island to observe local species.
  • There are a variety of cuisines available here including Chinese, American, Italian and of course various local dishes.
  • Night life here is somewhat limited; it consist of local pubs serving beer and BBQ. Some cafes offer live music on weekend and sometimes there is an open party too.

Saba Island is a laid-back Caribbean destination that is great for relaxation and visiting Eco-tourist. For now the number of visitors is relativity low, but Saba's popularity is expected to increase, in years to come. If communing with nature sounds intriguing, consider visiting Saba Island.

 Last updated on September 28, 2012

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sligobay profile image

sligobay 2 years ago from east of the equator

This is a concise presentation of a secret gettaway spot. It sounds like a terrific place to visit. Have you ever been there?

misshill profile image

misshill 2 years ago from United States Hub Author

@sligobay - Yes I have been there once or twice. The Caribbean is a great place to visit :)

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 2 years ago from England Level 7 Commenter

Saba island sounds just like the type of place I would love to visit. Especially if it hasn't got a lot of tourists, and the video's were great too, voted up! nell

misshill profile image

misshill 2 years ago from United States Hub Author

@Nell Rose - Thanks for for your feedback and its nice to hear from you again :)

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 2 years ago from Chicago Level 1 Commenter

Wow! What an awesome and beautiful place. Oh! To live there.

I had never heard of Saba Island. Thank you for the journey. I enjoyed it.

misshill profile image

misshill 2 years ago from United States Hub Author

@James A Watkins - Thank you, I am glad you like the article :)

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